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More issues with Boxes Banners

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Along with not being able to upload an image to a Box I can also not get any alignment of the boxes. Also I just found out I can not create a Banner either. When I try to upload a picture I get a line saying "" style="max-width: 100px"/> and no picture. Also If I click update the page begins to refresh and then freezes and I get a big grey box covering most of the screen - same happens in Boxes as well. (I did provide a link earlier but have now taken the PageLines Boxes option out of the templates as my site is live - www.bodyworksasia.cn/healthworks) The Boxes are set for 4 on a row and a max of 4 per page. I have checked and rechecked all the settings as well as reinstalling the theme 3 times and deactivating all the plugins. The main reason I purchased Platform Pro was because I really liked the 'Boxes' and Banners option and thought the drag and drop practicality of it was idiot proof for someone like me who has no computer knowledge whatsoever. These are to me the main things that make the whole theme attractive along with the other content frames such as 'Carousel'Any help would be sooooo appreciated - regards Richard

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