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Css modify to a single page

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Hello, I added few lines of css (in custom code section) to modify my homepage. You can see what I got at this page: http://paroledimusica.com/ I'm really satisfied with the result: now I have Feature set just beside the two sidebars. However, my problem now is that any other page is messed up! Have a look at this, just as example: http://paroledimusica.com/2011/02/18/primo-nella-classifica-spettacoli-di-lulu-com/ You can see that the sidebars move up! Is there a way to add css only to homepage without creating problems to other pages? The css I used is the following: #feature-area, .feature-wrap, #feature_slider .fmedia, #feature_slider .fcontent, #feature_slider .text-bottom .fmedia .dcol-pad, #feature_slider .text-bottom .feature-pad, #feature_slider .text-none .fmedia .dcol-pad { height: 300px; width: 600px; } .home #feature_slider { width: 600px; } #sidebar-wrap{margin-top:-380px;} Thanks to anyone who can help! Filippo

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