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Adding dropdown boxes and modifying subnav

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I wanted to share the solution to a problem Jeff recently helped me with in case anyone else is experiencing it with iBlogPro3. I was using iBlogPro3 version 3.5.1 and did not have the drop down functionality from the main Nav bar. The first thing you need to do is get the latest version (3.6.3) of iBlogPro3 from Pagelines and install it. Then, go into the iBlogPro3 Options in your Admin panel and enable the Drop Down Navigation under Header and Nav. If you want your sub-pages to show up BOTH in the drop down when the user rolls over it AND at the top of the new page, do nothing further. If you want to erase the sub pages from showing up at the top (as almost a 2nd nav bar), go into your header.php file and change: From: <?php require(LIB.'/_subnav.php');?> to: <? // php require(LIB.'/_subnav.php');?>

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