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Hi there, I have customised the Platform Pro features section as I wanted a previous/next and pause/play navigation floating above the media image instead of in the feature footer. Pause/Play is fine. However, for some reason I cannot get the #next and #previous buttons working properly. It will fire once, either getting the previous or next slide, but then both buttons stop working and the page just refreshes due to the '#'. Anyone have any ideas? My current changes are below: In the script I deleted the reference to the pager that I didn't need and added next and previous. Left everything else alone in the section apart from commenting out the feature-footer.

	printf( "$j('#cycle').cycle({fx: '%s', sync: %d, timeout: %d, speed: %d, prev: '#prev', next: '#next'});", $feffect, $fsync, $timeout, $speed );
And the media frame div
	<div class="media-frame">
														ID, 'feature-media-image', true);?>" />
														<div id="buttons" style="position: absolute; right: 0; bottom: 0; width: 112px; height: 35px;">
	<span id="prev">previous</span>
													<?php if(pagelines('timeout') != 0 && pagelines('feature_playpause')):?><span class="playpause pause"><span>? </span></span>
	<?php endif;?>
													<span id="next">next</span>
													</div>												</div>

I am able to get this working using the cycle plugin alone, so am at a loss to understand why this dos not work. Thanks in advance for any help. I'm currently developing this on a local host so no URL for now. Anders

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Have you considered using CSS instead to change the position of the feature footer? That way, you'll avoid editing any of the core files...

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