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You can change the panel amdinistraci??n to another language?

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I took the file "es_ES.mo" # For ftp I created a directory called "languages??‹??‹" in the folder "wp-includes" in your blog. Es_Es.mo # Upload the file to the directory "languages??‹??‹" you just created. # Define the language in the configuration file of your WordPress In the configuration file "wp-config.php", which is usually the root of the blog, search: define ('WPLANG',''); And he defines the language according to your file, such as Mexico for Spanish language: define ('WPLANG', 'en_ES'); # Save changes and you have your blog in our language. (spanihs) But I have not got, you know where you can be wrong? Gracias Claudio Barrab?©s

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