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Trouble With Sidebar Widget Not Showing Up

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We are having trouble updating one of our secondary pages with a new sidebar - for some reason changing the sidebar option to either "secondary sidebar" or content sidebar has no effect. The page we are trying to update is here - http://grouptwentyseven.com/ppc-blog And ideally it would be updated to look like the sidebar on this post (which has exactly the same selections) - http://grouptwentyseven.com/enjoy-better-adwords-results-right-now-%E2%80%93-negative-keyword-management-%E2%80%93-things-you-need-to-know We have tried all possible permutations of page templates, sidebars etc. We checked that wp-cache was off but still can not see the correct sidebar and sidebar widgets. Please let us know on how to resolve this. Thank you, Lorenz

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