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new gallery, caption plugin designed for iblogpro

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Here is another wp plugin I just finished that is styled for the iblogpro theme: http://www.dyerware.com/main/products/gallery-and-caption/gallery-and-caption-plugin-for-wordpress.html It transparently extends the native gallery and caption capability of your blog to do two things: 1) Clicking on a gallery image or a caption image (images that you have added captions to in the media editor) now rip away from the page and zoom-enlarge towards the center of your display. The zoomed image has minimalist apple-esque controls to navigate other images in the post. Clicking on the image will have it zoom away and fit back where it ripped away from. 2) You have a new shortcode where you can logically group mini-galleries throughout your post. These are contained in a gray gradient and rounded bevel container to fit stylistically in iblogpro. Flash is not required, so iPhones are supported. Deactivating it will return to traditional behavior. The link above has it in action so you can get the idea. Regards -d

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