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PageLines gives NO REFUNDS -- beware

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Just want to remind anyone who might be considering the purchase of PageLines products, beware: there are NO REFUNDS no matter what. Why is that? Why not back the product with a money-back guarantee? Why not offer reliable support that you don't have to pay extra for? Why is it that the "support" system is a bunch of volunteers who work for "karma". When the bill collector comes, good luck paying him in Karma. Anyhow, I purchased iBlogPro and the forum that comes with it. I was immediately confronted with css bugs on the forum that had to do with it not inheriting the look and feel from the main site (like it was supposed to). Many css hacks later I got most of it worked out but there were still some issues, so I turn to the supposed "support" (this forum) and I get plenty of friendly suggestions (mostly from people who don't work at PageLines) to "add custom css" to fix these inherent problems with the product -- also what's with all of the suggestions to "validate the code?" Shouldn't the code that PAGELINES WROTE AND SOLD TO US validate out of the box, or if it doesn't then stop asking us to validate it as a support solution? Anyhow most of the css suggestion did work and I appreciate that but the fact remains that I bought this software so I DIDN'T HAVE TO FART AROUND WITH THE CODE. I am a developer (among many other hats that I wear) and I could very easily modify a blog and a forum system I've previously written to suit my needs, but I do not have the time so I chose to buy a pre-canned solution (PageLines) to save me time. Boy was that a stupid mistake. So fast forward to today. I am no longer using their product and I am out $149. I know most of you will just categorize me as some lunatic howling at the moon, and that's fine. I imagine that for most people, PageLines works great and I am glad for that, but in this case, it didn't work for me and I want my money back. This post is only for those whose buying experience may fall into the same category or people who are simply doing their research. I wish some lunatic would have posted this before I purchased to give me a heads up.

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