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iBlog Pro Quick Guide [DRAFT]

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I found the lack of step-by-step docs for iBlog Pro 4 frustrating as I was trying to work it out, so here are the notes I have made going along. I hope other people find them useful. I have never done this before, I am still working out questions, and I offer this help file with no warranty. Contributions would be welcome. iBlogPro 4 Quick Set Up 1/ Install WordPress: http://wordpress.org/download/ 2/ Install the iBlogPro 4 theme: Install as a child theme according to the directions here: http://www.pagelines.com/docs/theme-installation If you do not want a child theme, you can also do it the old fashioned way and upload the iblogpro folder via FTP to your wp-content/themes/ folder. 3/ Log into your WP Admin control panel and activate the theme 4/ Download the iBlogPro demo content: http://www.pagelines.com/docs/theme-demo-content 5/ In your WP admin, go to Tools > Import > WordPress You will be prompted to install the WordPress importer plugin if you do not already have it 6/ Upload and import the XML content file as user Admin 7/ Go to Setting > Reading and under "Front Page Displays" choose "A Static Page." For Front Page, choose HOME from the drop-down. For "posts Page" choose IBLOG. 8/ Tidy things up... You should now have a site homepage laid out and with content more or less like the iBlogPro demo. In your Admin > Pages, delete the following pages to un-break the nav bar: - Options - Sample Page - Full Width Additionally, under Admin > Comments, you will want to delete all imported comments using the Bulk Actions > Move to Trash tool, possibly saving 1 or 2 so you have demo data to look at as you build your site. You will need to make the following edits: a. To edit the big featured box with the four slidey things at the top of the home page, go to: iBlog Pro > Feature Setup Edit the content of Feature 1, 2, 3 and 4. You will need to know basic HTML and have some graphics in the correct sizes ready to go. You can upload new images to use in these under Media > Add New. Grab the required URL or path there. You can remove a slider by deleting its content if you'd like fewer slides, or add additional content for up to 6 slides. b. To edit the top three boxes on the home page under the slider, go to: iBlog Pro > Feature Setup Edit the content of Feature Box 1, Feature Box 2, and Feature Box 3. Again, you will need similar-sized graphics ready to upload, and their URLs. c. Editing the bottom three boxes on the homepage: no idea d. Editing the footer contents: no idea e. Editing the sidebars: no idea

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