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?¤ shows within h1 title for a split second then vanishes

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Hi all, I'm using a purchased EcoPro 1.3.5 on wp 3.1, and setting up new site now live but not completed. The problem I have is the title h1 tag in a page shows the ?¤ at the end of the first word

Ota yhteytt?¤
but shows it for a split second and then removes this last character. Testing has found this specific to h1 and h2 titles only, even typing in new clean text does not work, I have swap tested various issues. The source of page is loaded correctly, its a display issue like a script decided the character is rogue and removed it on display. I am not a script person, sorry. My testing has lead me this far and value any input. Visit http://www.mariasarte.com/yhteydenotot/ you can see the very bottom of page a test I have done for this forum and to help me clarify the problem. Thanks so much

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