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Global Nav Drop down Issues

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Had successfully implemented a global nav through section.globalnav.php

class BaseGlobalNav extends PageLinesSection {
	   function __construct( $registered_settings = array() ) {
			/* The name and ID of the section */
			$name = __('GlobalNav Section', 'pagelines');
			$id = 'globalnav';
			/* Setup description, areas it works with, icon, etc...*/
			$settings = array(
				'description' 	=> 'Creates a Global nav section in Base',
				'workswith' 	=> array('header'),
				'icon'			=> CHILD_IMAGES . '/icon-pullquote.png'
			/* Draw section using the section API */
		   	parent:GDN__construct($name, $id, $settings);
		/* Use this function to create the template for the section */
	 	function section_template() {
		?><div id="global-nav" class="global"><?php
				wp_nav_menu( array('menu_class' => 'main-nav sf-menu', 'container' => null, 'container_class' => '', 'depth' => 3, 'theme_location'=>'globalnav', 'fallback_cb'=>'nav_fallback') );
		function section_persistent(){
				register_nav_menus( array('globalnav' => __( 'Global Navigation', 'pagelines' ) ) );

For the global nav setup, i have dropdown menus setup. The dropdown navigation is similar to the settings i had setup for primary nav under Header and Nav (Drop down Navigation)

  • enabled drop down nav
  • enabled shadow
  • enabled arrow

The problem is when i hide the primary nav, the global nav does not show the drop down nav at all. How can i solve this? [email protected]

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You need to explicitly link the javascript files then so it doesn't rely on the section.nav.php. Reference the other file for the files on how to add them.

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