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Call to undefined function

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I'm getting a "Call to undefined function" error on this page (view source): http://www.phillipvanrooyen.com/alkivolleyball/players/ - I'm using platformpro 1.3 - I created a child section as described in your support docs here:http://www.pagelines.com/docs/custom-sections and created a new page template to add the section to:

		Section: Pullquote Section
		Author: PageLines
		Description: Shows a pull quote taken from
		Version: 1.0.0
		Demonstrates how to create a cool site section in 50 lines of code!
		Note: the only other piece to make this work is the 'pagelines_register_section()' function in your functions.php
	class BaseAvaPlayersPage extends PageLinesSection {
	   function __construct( $registered_settings = array() ) {
			/* The name and ID of the section */
			$name = __('AVA Players Page Section', 'pagelines');
			$id = 'avaPlayers';
			/* Setup description, areas it works with, icon, etc...*/
			$default_settings = array(
				'description' 	=> 'AVA Players Page Section - Displays AVA Players table from Bryan Frost PHP CODE',
				'workswith' 	=> array('main'),
				'icon'			=> $this->section_root_url.'/features.png',
				'version'		=> 'pro'
			/* Draw section using the section API */
			$settings = wp_parse_args( $registered_settings, $default_settings );
		   	parent:GDN__construct($name, $id, $settings);
		/* Use this function to create the template for the section */
	 	function section_template() {
	                            <select name="ratingsDropDownList" id="ratingsDropDownList" class="">
	                              <option value=0>-- Any --</option>
	                              <?php GetRatingDropDownOptions(); ?>
			<?php }
		// Some of the optional functions not used here.
		function section_options($optionset = null, $location = null) {} /* Adds Options in the admin. Use this function to add them; see PageLines.com for more info */
		function section_persistent(){} /* Runs in every page, including in admin (not used in this section) */
		function section_head(){} /* Runs in site header, only if section is active (not used here) */
	} /* End of section class - No closing tag needed */
- The child section has php code that calls a file called players.code.php referenced in header.php:
		This file controls the HTML <head> and top graphical markup (including Navigation) for each page in your theme.
		You can control what shows up where using WordPress and PageLines PHP conditionals
		This theme copyright (C) 2008-2010 PageLines
		do_action('pagelines_before_html'); //hook
	?><!DOCTYPE html><!-- HTML 5 -->
	<html <?php language_attributes(); ?>>
	<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="css/players-table.css" media="all" />
			do_action('pagelines_code_before_head'); //hook
			pagelines_head_common(); // Common header information
			do_action('pagelines_head'); //hook
			print_pagelines_option('headerscripts'); // Header Scripts Input Option
			pagelines_font_replacement('calluna.font.js'); // Cufon Font Replacement
			pagelines_fix_ie('.pngbg, .shadow-bottom, .post-comments a, #fcolumns_container, #footer img, .branding_wrap img, .fboxgraphic img '); // Fix IE Issues. Args = .png images to fix in ie6
			wp_head(); // Hook (WordPress)
- Within players.code.php the so called "Call to undefined function" is actually defined:
	// File: players.code.php
	// Author: Bryan Frost
	// Date Created: 2010-03-25
	// players.php codebehind
	$abbreviatedSeason = "'10";
	$abbreviatedYear = sprintf('%s%d', "'",date("y"));
	$ratingsChartLink = "?";
	function GetFirstNameSelected()	{ return $_POST['firstName']; }
	function GetLastNameSelected()	{ return $_POST['lastName']; }
	function GetRatingSelected()	{ return $_POST['ratingsDropDownList']; }
	function GetGenderSelected()
		if (isset($_POST['gendersDropDownList']))
			return $_POST['gendersDropDownList'];
			return 1;
	function Foo()
		echo "bar";
	// Create HTML options for ratings (retain selection)
	function GetRatingDropDownOptions()
		$array = GetRatings();
		foreach($array as $key => $value)
			$selectedText = ($key == GetRatingSelected() ? " selected="selected"" : "");
			echo "<option value=$key $selectedText>$value</option>";

- It seems the file referenced in the header.php is not being seen... Even though everything seems to be wired up correctly. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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I don't actually see a place where the players.code file is being called. You need to link to it from the section_head function in the new section you created if it involves requires scripts.

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