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Complicated multisite > how to set it up?

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Hey there, I'm struggling with a multisite. All posts on the main site get blog/ in front of the url and there's no way to fix it. So I figured I use the sitewide tags plugin to post everything to a different blog. But when I click "populate posts" it only copies a part of my posts to the global posts blog... And another thing, I'm going to use posts on other blogs that I don't want to have appearing in this global posts blog. How can I change this? Basically I want to have it like this: Main site > All posts (but without blog/) Sub site 1 > Posts that also appear on the main site BUT also posts that shouldn't appear on the main site. Sub site 2 > Same story as Sub site 1. So I have 3 post types: 1. General news that will appear only on the main site 2. Specific news that is posted on a sub-site but also appears on the main site 3. Posts with custom meta fields that are to be used for comparison charts and as posts, but also only on their specific sub-site. Does this make sense and anyone know how to solve this one? Thanks!

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