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1.3.2 Issues and Suggestions: Main Nav, Disable Design Control, Child Themes

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Main Nav: - Superfish.css is still being called, and cannot be over-written in Base. Why not have the full-CSS be called from theme.css instead so it can be edited and over-written by base.css? - Dropdowns inherit html, as well as CSS (this prevents dropdowns from having different text-colors, backgrounds, etc). - Issues with focus selectors. - Some elements from Superfish have not been implemented. The menu is still the biggest source of frustration for pretty much every site we work on. Dynamic.css / Design Control: Dynamic is now over-riding element border colors (widgets, nav), and cannot be over-written within Custom CSS or Base.css. Dynamic is even over-writing padding in some areas now. These selectors worked in pervious versions of Platform Pro, but no longer work in 1.3.2. We really need to disable Dynamic.css / Design Control if we want to use custom CSS. Child Themes: Any files called in Child Themes should be loaded before anything else, including all CSS, and should even over-ride the Custom CSS section. Adding modified section files to Base still does not work. In-line CSS in the banner section that cannot be over-written unless you edit the core file.

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