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Displaying articles posts/pages like the NY Times Google Chrome app?

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Hi I'm a professional writer, and working on re-building my site. I've been using Pagelines, and I think it's great and am happy with my purchase of this theme. One thing that's important to me is the design of my writing that I am putting up on my website. I really like the NY Times app on Google Chrome--where the articles pop out, and can be read in a left-to-right fashion, as opposed to just scrolling down a webpage. I'm looking for something to make the design of my pages (where I am including longer articles), really stand out, and I'm wondering if anyone has any plug-in recommendations for something along these lines? Have you seen the Chrome app for the Times that I'm talking about? I think it's one of the first times I've said about online content, "I could read a long article this way." Thanks for the help, and I'm sure I will be posting more questions here soon!

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