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Functions.php - example hook not working

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Hi, I've been having trouble adding hooks to my site (http://nysida.studentkrubb.se). I've tried adding different elements, classes etc, trying to input single text lines to try and verify the hooks. But without success. Ultimately, when resetting my functions.php back to normal I noticed that the example hook doesn't work either. How could that be? Help appreciated, thanks! functions.php as shown below:

	// Setup  -- Probably want to keep this stuff...
		// Set up action for section registration...
		add_action('pagelines_register_sections', 'base_sections');
		/* Hello! First, lets load the PageLines core so we have access to the functions */
		require_once(TEMPLATEPATH . "/core/core.init.php");
		// For advanced customization tips & code see advanced file.
		//--> require_once(STYLESHEETPATH . "/advanced.php");
	// ====================================================
	// = BASE FUNCTIONS - Where you should add your code  =
	// ====================================================
		// Register a Drag&Drop HTML Section for the admin.
		// A pullquote section was created here for demonstration purposes
		// Sections should be named: section.[your section name].php and placed in the sections folder.
		function base_sections(){
			Your custom sections get registered in here...
			PageLines Register Section Arguments:
				1. Section Class Name,
				2. Directory name (or filename if in root of 'sections' folder),
				3. Init Filename (if different from directory name),
				4. Section setup and variable array
			pagelines_register_section('BasePullQuote', 'pullquote', null, array('child' => true) );
			pagelines_register_section('BaseSidebar','sb_base', null, array('child' => true) );
	// ABOUT HOOKS --------//
		// Hooks are a way to easily add custom functions and content to the Platform theme. There are hooks placed strategically throughout the theme
		// so that you insert code and content with ease.
	// HOOKS EXAMPLE --------//
		// Below is an example of how you would add a social media icon to the icons in header (branding section)
		// We have placed a hook at the end of the icon set specifically add new icons without modifying code or having to worry about your edits
		// getting thrown out during the upgrade process. The way to use hooks goes a little like this:
		// add_action('hook_name','function name');
		add_action('pagelines_branding_icons_end', 'add_icons_to_branding');
		// function name
		function add_icons_to_branding(){
			< a href="http://www.stumbleupon.com/stumbler/pagelines/">
		<?php }
		// end function
		// Want another page template for drag and drop? Easy 
		// 			1. Add File called page.[page-id].php to Base
		// 			2. Add /* Template Name: Your Page Name */ and Call to 'setup_pagelines_template();' to that file (see page.base.php)
		// 			3. Add 'pagelines_add_page('[page-id]', '[Page Name]');' to this functions.php file
		// Add Base Page
		pagelines_add_page('base', 'Custom Page');
		// Want more customization control over any of the core section templates in PlatformPro? Just override the template file.
		// To do that, just add a file called template.[section-id].php to this child theme and it will override the section templates
		// for the section with that ID.  For example, template.boxes.php will override the boxes templates.
		// Once overridden you can copy the code from that section, paste it there and edit to your heart's content.[/code]

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The html is intentionally broken to be displayed in the post.

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You have activate PlatformBase as your WordPress theme.

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Thank you!! An amazing blunder.

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