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Still waiting for assistance

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Hello support, I posted under the iBlogPro category yesterday and was unable to get any assistance. I email to your hello @ ... and received and email from Jeff. I am still trying to resolve my issue. Side bar is not working properly for accordion and drag and drop. I have it setup in the Theme Options but if I try to drag a box the page becomes longer and longer every time I try to drag, of course it doesn't drag. The accordion doesn't work, I click on it and nothing happends. I have tried everything occurred to me. Disabled plugins, nothing. I check boxes on a page level, it change the sidebar I don't know what. It added the Flickr photos from theme's default, which I am not using, the accordions are closed and the drags don't work. So a little messy, I change it back to accordion and d&d without their functionality. Please assist my email: joe @ joemoya.com [email protected][email protected]#@$#[email protected]$# :( thanks, Joe

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