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Write a query that will get recent posts for Static Page.

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Hi everyone, Just wanted to ask if anyone can help me get my 5 most recent posts for a static page (in this case, its my front page). I have designated a page to contain all my blog posts in the Settings > Reading admin, however I would like my homepage to show 5 recent posts, in the EXACT same format that the posts are displayed in my posts page (with the post-thumbnail, the excerpt, etc) I created a new page template for my home page in base in my child theme. On the home page I have a feature slider and 3 boxes, but would like my 5 posts to appear below it. What do you suggest I put in as a query hook to fetch and display these 5 posts so it will display on the homepage? Let me know what additional info you require and I can provide it for you. If this is confusing let me know. I want to explain this the least complicated way possible! Thank you in advance guys, Sincerely, Carolyn

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