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tags on feature pages... seo question

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So here is my issue, I have setup a sort of landing page using the features page in iblog4 pro. I have 5 or so features that were each using an <h1> tag and and an <h3> tag. I have had very good luck getting relevant articles to show up using appropriate keywords that appear in the title or the articles, but on my landing page I don't even appear in the top 100+ even when using words that exist in the url. For example "adventure kayaking" I posted on google webmaster forums and got the beatdown pretty bad, lol, about tons of php errors without closing tags, etc. One of the things mentioned was multiple h1 tags and that none of those h1 tags had anything to do with the name of the site which makes sense since those tags were all being used for titles on the features themselves. I switched all of those titles to h2 tags, but am not sure on how to go about using an h1 tag on the featues page with relevant information to the title and content of the site overall. I suppose I could create a "welcome feature" with the h1 tag and put it at the end, but that seems sort ghetto. Any other suggestions?

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