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NAV rollover colour

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Hi All, I had managed to make this edit before I updated by had made the change to the actual CSS file, not in custom code so can't remember how I done it - I just can't seem to get the NAV rollover colour to change. I can make it work through the colour settings by changing it in: Page - Primary Text Color - but then all my text on my page also becomes pink! I only want the rollover to be pink? When I poke around with firebug I can't seem to isolate it, not sure which css bit to edit. I'm also finding on the latest version that making some colour changes through the pagelines design control page, will cause the page to go all crazy such as the boxes no longer aligning in columns, or the page width resetting, in which case I have to reset to the default settings then upload mine again, which repairs it? thanks everyone!

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