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Privacy Policy, Terms Of Use Links On Bottom Of Page

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Hi Jeff We were wondering if you could tell us how to create a Privacy Policy and Terms Of Use link at the bottom of our StationPro blog? If possible we would like to know how to place the links in 2 locations so we can see which location looks better. The Locations: 1)Just above the copyright notice. We do have navigation links above the copyright notice now so the terms of use and privacy policy link would have to be above the copyright notice and below the navigation links. For example...

Home About Us Blog (we would like the links here) Copyright 2010.

We would also love to know how to put the links on the very bottom below the copyright notice where your pageline icon and link is. Thanks.

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Hm. So we'll want to edit the footer.php theme file. Look for this in the file:

<span class="terms">
								<?php if(VPRO) e_pagelines('terms');?>
								<?php if(pagelines('debug_mode') && VPRO):?>
									<?php _e('— Page load time:',TDOMAIN);?> <?php timer_stop(1); ?> <?php _e('seconds.',TDOMAIN);?>
								<?php endif;?>
Right above it, add your code for the links. Move the code you added, below this to see what it will look like under the cred:
		<div id="cred" class="pagelines">
				<div class="p fix" style="padding: 0px ">
						<?php if(pagelines('credtext')):?><?php echo pagelines('credtext'); ?>
						<?php else:?> CMS wordpress themes
						<?php endif;?>

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