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Sub-menu offset color change

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http://www.frontedgelawn.com/ I wanted to increase the left margin on the "services" submenu. * Custom Mowing * Full Landscaping * Mulch Spreading * Hedge & Tree Trimming * Snow Removal * Leaf Cleanup So thanks to your awesome tutorial on firebug, I added the CSS .widget ul.sub-menu (margin-left: 10px; } Everything worked great, so then I wanted to change the color of that submenu so I added .widget ul.sub-menu {color: #207a3c; margin-left: 10px; } No change, so tried .widget ul.sub-menu a{color: #207a3c; margin-left: 10px; } The colors changed, but now there is an unwanted indent on Hedge & Tree Trimming. This is the only link that used up two lines. I'm not sure how to fix.

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