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Platform Pro SSL Secure Socket HTTPS

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I have been using platform pro for a while now and I am pretty sure that I had the SSL installed and working correctly on my installation. However I check it yesterday and it will not lock down. I know the cert is installed and working correctly because I locked down a different file on the server. I am using "WordPress HTTPS" plugin and "HTTPS for Wordpress" plugin and it will not force all the links to secure. I then swapped out the theme for WhitehousePro without changing anything else and it locked down correctly. So I think PlatformPro might have a bug in it that won't allow these to work. Also, I noticed that the links are absolute paths and not relative paths. Is there a setting to change this in the platformpro menu or in wordpress? Please help I have about 200 hits a day and no one is buying! Check out my page here: https://www.idealshape.com/store/checkout/ Thank you for you help!

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