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Footer background image overlapping footer content

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Okay, odd issue to ask about. I'm forced to use Internet Explorer 8 at work, screen resolution is 1024x768. When I view my website (http://www.rmss.ca) with the screen not maximized, what appears to be the background image (not the large eco-bg-spotlight.jpg but bg.png) in the footer overlaps a large section to the right of the footer. It seems to cover whatever content does not fit into the resized screen - when you scroll over to it, there's just a large green image. This also seems to be occurring to a smaller extent in the header - in that case there's only a sliver of a background image appearing on the right, resizing doesn't seem to impact it. I don't know if this is exclusive to IE8. Regardless, a fix for it would be nice if anyone knows of one.

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