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Creating Platformpro as another theme?

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Hello! This is not so much of a support question, but if anyone is interested and or would like a good problem solver i'd appreciate some help. I also need help understanding the structure of platformpro as well... My company is interested in utilizing Platformpro as a tool for other users to make a dummy website with and to show this to the public and resell that design. We were thinking of using WordPress' multisite network and host the platformpro on multisites and then showcase them live. From there the developer will get a cut by how many times it is purchased. However we are not sure how to determine what files to extract so we can then use that site and make upload it into a new server to make it functional as it is in the live example from the multisite. So, just trying to figure out how platformpro works. Where all of the custom css and the images from backgrounds etc goes so we can extract the necessary files to then create the single site. I understand that each multisite is banking off of the 1 theme that is downloaded into the themes folder, but don't know where else to look for the specific content that comes from a live site from the multisite. If I don't make sense let me know. Thank you! Adam Brackbill

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