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How to hide blog title and tagline

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Took me a few hours to figure this out but think I have successfully hidden my blog title and tagline to visitors but it still ensures that search engines can still read it. Which is very important for search engines to rank your website. Although editing your header files would give the same results...editing or taking the code out of the header or leaving your blog title and description empty under general settings are big no noes. It is best done in the theme options under custom code and fill in the following css code in the css rules box..

	#header h1 { visibility:hidden }
	#header h6 { visibility:hidden }

I used this for the StationPro theme not sure if it will work with the other pagelines themes. If I could get a coders input if the above code is safe code to recommend I would appreciate it. I am sure others would too :)

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