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How to Get Rid of Border on Full Page Width

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Hi, I wanted to have main content to remain default size of 960px. The code for Full Page Width is 100% width, so I changed it to something wider, 990px. So going to the Stylesheet, you would see the original code as: /* @ FULL WIDTH */ #maincontent.fullwidth {width: 100%;border-right: none;} I changed it to: /* @ FULL WIDTH */ #maincontent.fullwidth {width: 990px;border-right: none;} Everything works fine, but the left border (line that goes north and south) is showing and right border is not. I would like to eliminate the left border altogether. I attempted to guess the code above, for example:

  • border-left: none; border: none;

Can anyone help me on this? Thanks in advance.

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