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I ordered the StationPro 2.1.1 by PageLines a week ago and it is soo much more feature packed than the free theme they offer. If you are contemplating ordering I would say to you, it is worth every penny. Not only do they have excellent support with their product but they offer a convenient how to on your wordpress admin page under the appearance tab on the left,then click StationPro Guide. Most free themes do not offer this to the end user. I will be definitely ordering the other two themes you offer in the near future. I am into website marketing and need the professional looking theme that offers custom pictures and custom video to beat out the competition in page ranking. According to the google execs this is one of the many features they look at when deciding what page rank to give your website, They stated websites targeting specific keywords will beat out the competition if they offer professional looking websites which includes seo optimized content, pictures and video media. Ofcourse website ranking and keyword niches are limited with competing with page rank 4 and lower. But their are plenty of miche keywords and phrases that you can compete with. So thank you Pagelines appreciate the professional looking wordpress website templates.

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