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IE Safari: Nav Menu moves since adding PHP - Please help!

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Hi and thanks for reading! I recently posted in regards to adding a custom button to my header area (post: http://www.pagelines.com/forum/topic.php?id=5285). I made some minor adjustments to the code and everything appeared to be working great...until I received notice from the client that the navigation menu is dropping into the main content area in IE. I also checked Safari and the nav menu is now a garbled list. When I removed the code from the functions.php, the problem disappears so I assume the problem lies within the code, correct? I did not see the problem occur in Firefox or in IE8 ??“ though I seem to be the only one not seeing the issue. Here is a screenshot of the menu dropped into the content area in IE9 http://hsnievents.com/i/IEProblem.gif Site is http://www.hsni2010.com/WordpressTest/ Here is the code I added to functions.php:

// add_action('hook_name','function name');
add_action('pagelines_after_branding_wrap', 'add_clogin_image');
function add_clogin_image(){
echo 'link'; }
// end function

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