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Removing sidebar and footer from Blog page

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I'd like to make a comment at this point: although I find some aspects of PlatformPro very well presented, the information available is very poor, beyond the basics. As an example, for the problem of removing the footer on the blog page, I have seen numerous solutions suggesting to add css code here and there (all different and all with some degree of inaccuracy as to how to do this). It seems that a user (gesman) has to start critisizing the product for the author to finally reveal where a particular feature is. The support staff must be thankful too, else why would they make suggestions that the author has already addressed more elegantly. There is nothing wrong with hiding these features to keep a degree of simplicity, as long as these hidden features are properly documented somewhere. This is not an isolated case. I've spent time today trying to find out how to remove the branch logo from the footer, which is not possible, according to the information published on the subject (again conflicting posts all over the forum). A part from the lack of business maturity (I won't say arrogance) this denotes from the authors, I find this dishonest. Had I known this at the start I would not have purchased the product. I'd ditch indesign and dreamweaver if they did the same, though at least they'd probably document it. It's the sort of feature I'd expect to find for a free products, never a paid one. If you want to put your logo on my website, you pay me, not the other way round. Needless to say I won't continue using PlatformPro beyond this project, unless it lets me decide whose logo I can place into the footer of MY website, and until it comes with a proper manual that contains explanations for ALL the features in ONE place.

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