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How can I manage home page?

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Hi Everyone, I know WordPress well but am a beginner with PageLines. I'm excited about the potential here, especially for section branding (which is almost impossible right now short of a mulitisite install). I agree with the above comments, though, that more clarity is need on how to set up the home page. My experience with this today---which is a little different than your solutions---is that when you install the starter content, you'll notice a home page is created for you (named "home"), and that this page is given the "featured page" style. So, my advice for other beginners would be to download and install the starter content, then go to your settings menu and point your home page toward the static "home" page. That's it. If you want to change the look of this page, just fiddle around with the "featured" template (or apply a different template style to home). Hope this is correct (and/or hope it helps)! Glenn

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