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Hardly anything working for me in Platform Pro

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Hi, I purchased PrlatformPro and I must say I am disappointed because hardly any of the features seem to work. The first day everything worked fine, when I changed a color, the color was changed on my page, if I changed the column width it would change, but now it doesn't anymore. Well let me rephrase, sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't! I have literally spent hours on trying to find solutions, including on this forum, and I've had it! I read somewhere that choosing platform base as a theme and then going back to PlatformPro could be a solution and I tried that, it worked at first but now again it doesn't work or not always, and changing back and forth between themes is not really an easy solution. BTW I'm not a programmer, so most of what is explained on this forum, I don't even understand. I downloaded the new version of PlatformPro today hoping that this issue would be fixed, but no, I still have the same problem. I can't say I'm very pleased as a customer, this is not a cheap purchase for me as I'm only using it for my website so it would be great if this could be fixed and if someone could help me because I'm loosing a lot of time fumbling around with this that would be better spent on my business! It's not like I'm programming anything, just using the basic features. Thanks Wendy

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