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Carousel and Feature Conflict?

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Hi there, I have run into this problem myself. Both the carousel and the features slider were working fine until I moved the carousel up to the top of the page within the header. The features slider is contained in the page template. I thought it might have been because I sized the image thumbs to a larger size then they had been and that might have caused some overlap, but sizing them down did not effect anything. Now when I move the carousel to any other location within the page (header, page, footer) the slider will not work. If I remove the carousel completely, the slider returns to working order. I did go through the process of deactivating all of my plugins one by one too, to make sure there was no conflict. I should also mention that I exported the theme settings and set it back to default. When I did that, there was no problem with both on the same page. This makes me think it is one of the settings, but I have gone through everything several times and can't put my finger on what might be causing this issue. When i look at the source code, all of the feature slider content is there as well as the numbered nav, it just won't display properly. I am working on the site in maintenance mode so you won't be able to access it without a login, but I will set up a user account if you want to provide an email address. The site address is www.pascoecofest.com, the login link is at the bottom right of the page. Otherwise I can copy and paste the entire source code here if you'd like. I would appreciate any info you can provide that might help iron this out.....I really need to have them both on the main page and would rather not have to manually redo all of the theme options. :( Thanks much!

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