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PlatformPro Documentation needs more work

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The First Rule If you are a new customer of PageLines, it's time we introduce you to the first rule. The first rule of PageLines is that you come first. We truly appreciate your business and support.
I realise it's a struggle to develop the product and write and maintain good documentation but experience suggests that if you don't you'll, at best, severely limit the return on the investment or maybe alienate your clients. I have spent dozens of hours fighting my way through features that you sell as being easy. I have almost given up on more than one occassion. I'm sure you'll be tempted to question my capability but before you jump to a belief that the problem is mine alone, just check the assumptions against the evidence that's in a variety of posts. A potentially great product that I look forward to promoting but not before there is an improvement in documentation. I realise it's hard, keeping text and videos up to date with each release. Good luck.

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