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cornell2    0
Resurrecting this thread. I too use a similar plugin ("Advanced Excerpt Options") to more accurately manage excepts. it does not conflict with platform pro - but I am having trouble tweaking the platform pro settings to turn off certain aspects of excerpting - specifically - the plugin I use has a more flexible way of inserting the "read more" link after the excerpt. There seems to be no way of disabling the "continue reading" function in platformpro. The best I can do is blank out the text field, but platformpro still inserts a little arrow and link. (there is already a 'read more' generated by the plugin, so I don't need another). If I uncheck any of the other platformpro excerpt options - it overrides the plugin and disables excerpting feature. No doubt I am going to have to add some custom CSS to make this work (and override platformpro's excerpting styles). To avoid spending 10 hours to track down a couple of CSS IDs, perhaps someone can suggest the right CSS Ids so I can disable the display of platformpro's 'continue reading' link. Thanks!

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Simon    247
@cornell2 If you have a PlatformPro question please post it in the proper category. This post was about EcoPro and is over a year old.

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