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PlaformPro v1.2.1

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I'm reading the release notes in the document named changelog.txt found in the LaunchPad. I see that in v. 1.2.0 I see, "Refinement - Menu locations and naming." What does this mean? What did you change? Did you change the location where the styles that affect the nav are located? Did you change the names of the IDs or classes? Something changed I up dated my site with this new version and there were a few general hiccups that I fixed. But when I first started this site my navbar took a while to style and now I have to figure out how to fix it because this update is messing it up. I have no links to show what they look like because I'm working with MAMP. As pointed out before, a robust list of the rules that affect the PlatformPro primary nav bar would make this framework truly a customizable product. This is harder than it should be and Firebug doesn't point out everything a person needs to know in this regard.

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