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Hi, I am a very very beginner with Word Press and White House Pro, the model I bought. My question is fairly easy and I spent hours to try to solve it, find the answer a few months ago, then forget it then.. don t want to spend another 4 hours to get the answer. My website is the following : myriambahi.com I would like : 1. to change the bar menu ie remove IP COLUMS and add a new tab. 2. to change the sub menu for "WHAT IS IP" ie Add a new tab 3. create a sub menu for "About me" 4. Change the template used for "trademark law" (sub menu under "WHAT IS IP") and use the one used for "copyright law" (also in sub menu under 'WHAT IS IP') These are minors changes that takes a few minutes when you know it but this a nightmare for a newbie. That would be really great if someone could give me some answers. thank you very much in advance Myriam

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