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Should I upgrade from DMS Business?

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I have one website using DMS that I haven't updated for, I would guess, about five years. I don't have any immediate needs to "improve" the website, but I'm wondering if it would be advisable to review my PageLines account and the DMS version I am currently using(?)

Reviewing my email archive, I don't see anything from PageLines since 2015. It confirms that my renewal order is complete. This is for DMS Business at the rate of $20/mo. 

Since I allowed the website to just remain undisturbed all this time, and it appears to work properly, and since I am not a skilled website developer, I figured I'd leave well enough alone. But after doing a big catch-up on PHP and every plugin yesterday, I realized that I simply don't recognize what I thought I remembered of the DMS page designer/editor. So if I ever want to make changes to the website, I'll need to get up to speed on DMS/PageLines, and that raises the question of whether I should be paying less per year ($199 vs $240) and change to PageLines Pro Business. And if that's the case, how do I go about it? How will the payment mechanism work? (I'm currently paying by PayPal.) What will I have to learn about PageLines Pro (5)?


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