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The easiest way to detox the body is to get new energy

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Detoxing the body is to help the body remove toxins that accumulate inside the body. When we work keeping in mind the age and needs of our body, we stay young and healthy for many days. Learn here how the body can be detoxed by fasting.

We are telling you here how many changes will take place in your body when you fast for a short period of time and how long it will take toxins out of your body. Also, in this article you will also know how to get new energy in your body after being hungry for some time.

When we suffer from hunger and do not eat anything, our digestive system begins to use the glucose stored in the body as fuel. By this, the released energy keeps all the functions of the body. It usually takes 24 to 48 hours for the body to use the glucose stored in it. Then the fat that accumulates in the body begins to burn and ketone bodies begin to form.

The rate of aging decreases

Ketone bodies increase antioxidants in our body. That is, it reduces the process of continuous oxidation in the body. The process of oxidation damages the structure of proteins and cells in our body. In fact, the process of increase oxidation in the body speeds us up in old age. Also, brain stroke accelerates the process of neurodegeneration.

Required for WBC calculations

In the same body, it takes 24 to 48 hours for the blood vessels, white blood cells (WBCs) to disappear completely. When damaged cells are completely destroyed, the process of building new and energetic cells in the body accelerates.

Affects immune sales

According to a study by the University of California, if a person fasts for 3 days in a row, his immunity increases. Because our body tries to save energy while fasting. During this period, changes in the body leads to the regeneration of immune cells. It especially affects damage immune cells.

This is how the brain benefits

During long-term fasting, your body use previously stored glucose. After that, the fat that accumulates in the body begins to break down and ketone bodies (a kind of energy) begin to form. This energy is considered to be very good for your brain. In fact, the ketone body increases the number of mitochondria (also called energy factories) in our brain.

Brain energy production

According to a recent study, ketone bodies improves energy metabolism in our hippocampus. The hippocampus is the part of your brain that plays an important role in maintaining your memory and learning new things.

A common thing found in most people with neurological diseases is that their brain has low energy production or the process is too slow.

Thus immunity is enhanced

During a three-day fast, the new WBC count increases rapidly in the body. White blood cells are parts of your immune system that work to destroy harmful viruses and bacteria from outside the body. During fasting, your body is able to easily get rid of damaged WBCs. Because during this time our body wants to save energy, it thus remove non-useful cells and toxins.

These people should not try such fasting

People with diabetes, BP, asthma or any other chronic illness should not consider such fasting at all. Also, people who are taking any type of medical treatment or who have recently recovered from a long illness should not observe such a fast without consulting their doctor. Because fasting takes only and only water during this complete fast.

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coo so many useful info! tnx a lot

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