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Types Of Logos & How To Use Them

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Logo designs aren’t just a combination of perfect typography and attractive images. There are multiple other things that need to be considered while creating an eye-catching logo design online. You should know about the different types of logos and their use to pick up the best one for your brand. Wrong selection could make your brand’s logo irrelevant and unattractive. Logo type should be chosen according to the personality of your brand, your business products, the core values and the message you want to convey. The first one that is highly popular among most of the companies is monogram logos or lettermarks. This type of logo works on the letters that are mostly the initials of brand names. Using Monogram logos is the modern way to represent your brand instead of putting the entire name in logo designs. It makes the logo memorable for the audience and forms a unique recognition for your brand among the market. 

Another amazing logo type is the wordmarks also called as logotypes. It’s basically a font-based logo that focuses on the entire name of the brand alone and doesn’t contain any other image. It completely works on designing the name only, the perfect example of such logos is Coca Cola and Visa. Another type that’s picked by many brands is the pictorial marks or in other word logo symbols. This type uses only the symbol to represent the brand which easily sticks to the mind of the target audience. They use the symbol to recall your brand and it’s the symbol that makes your brand easily recognizable among the competitors. Famous companies like Apple and Twitter use this logo type to represent their brand.

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