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Moving a site using PlatformPro

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I’m helping move a website (https://sites.tufts.edu/cafeh) to a new hosting provider and new Wordpress install. Their current theme is PlatformPro version 1.5.3, which I’m not familiar with.

So I want to know if I need to do the following steps to move their site as is:

1. Buy PageLines Pro (different name than Platform Builder?) and install it on the new Wordpress I have set up. (I’m pretty sure I can’t just move the license, because right now it’s being used by a university for multiple sites.)

2. Export theme settings from the PlatformPro page on their current site.

3. Import the .dat file into the new site.

4. Then export and import the content itself via Wordpress.

Is that it? I hate to buy this software without knowing if I’ll be able to move this and have it work. Am I missing any steps?


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