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BT Mail - What Is BT Mail Or BT Mail Login.? btmaills.com

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BT Mail – The specialty of the BT email addresses is that it ends in @bitinternet.com. Well, if you are an old user of BT email then it might be possible that your email address ends in @btopenworld.com or @talk21.com. Until you have chosen to use an alternative, your BT email address also can be your username to sign in to other services you select like BT Wi-Fi and BT Cloud.

How to get one BT Mail.?

When you purchase broadband from BT the standard product of this email comes without any cost. You can get it once you place the order or afterward when the broadband is up and running.

You can also create up to 10 extra email addresses for friends and family. To keep your email account active, you have to log in and use the service on a constant basis.

Assistance to login to your BT Email:

You can view your email from the menu bar just by visiting www.bt.com either:

The logging in and email link with your email address (ending at @btinternet.com, @btopenworld.com, or @talk21.com) and password.

The My BT link and logging in with your BT ID and password (based on how you have set things up, it might be different from your email address and password).

Logging in through My BT provides you access to all of your BT email addresses. So, if you’ve more than one then, you don’t have to login in individually to look at them. If you haven’t chosen a ‘favorite’ email address, it provides you instant access to the email which you use the most. When you are logged in then you will be able to switch between the other email addresses you have.

Additionally, the BT Email will display the ongoing status for each email address associated with the account and where the action is required. You can get instant help from the experts to resolve any issues.


What is a BT ID?

BT Group Your BT ID username is what you are using to log into the BT Email services then, it is typically the email address which you’’ have been provided when you setup your account until you have found an older account, in that case, you might be using another supplier email address.

All you need is a BT ID for customizing your account through My BT and it works on all of your online services, and the extras like Cloud and Wi-Fi and with the apps so that you only have to remember only one email address and password.

What is the BT email address?

Once you join for broadband, you can use the free email. When the new broadband service is up and running then you will need your BT ID to login to the My BT and set it up. Initially, you use it you will be prompted to choose an email address that will end with @bitinternet.com. You can use this to send and receive emails just by logging in at bt.com/email.

BT email also comes as a paid-for service known as Standalone (Premium) email. It works exactly the same as the free email you find with the broadband from BT, but you have pay for it. Your BT ID and BT email address might be the same based on how you set up your BT account.

What can we do to manage our email?

The mail management page within My BT is where you go to customize all aspects of your email account. Login at bt.com/MyBT then, under package look for ‘Included extras’.
Here we’ll discuss the basic feature of the email customization page and what you can do:

Check email addresses you have used and their current status: With BT Email, you can have up to 11 email addresses on one billing account.

Set one of your email addresses as a Favorite: It should be the account which you use the most. When you have done this and log in to My BT and click on Email. By doing this, you be redirected to that inbox and you might have already chosen a Favorite but if you don’t have then you will see an option to do when you start this page.

Remove or de-link email addresses: If you are no longer need an email address then you can remove it. And if you have provided an email address to an additional person and don’t want it associated with your account which you can de-link it.

Re-activate an email address: If an email address which you are using has been banned because you have not used it and you will be able to reactivate it just by following few steps.

·        First of all, login to My BT with your BTID

·        If you’ve more than one BT account then choose the right account that appears in the top right corner of the page

·        Now, click on Package and then ‘Included extras’

·        Scroll down and from the BT Email link, choose Manage BT Email

·        Look for the email address and choose the See Options link

·        After then click on Reactivate option

·        Here, you will get a message that says the account has been successfully reactivated and can log in again

Add other email address: If you have found another BT email address that isn’t linked to your broadband account, provided you haven’t used all of the 11 slots, you can move this around. If you are a Premium email customer then this will definitely save you paying for the email or you might have been using an email address associated with some other account and now you have your own service of broadband.

How to Create BT ID:

·        Firstly, go to the main BT Mail Website

·        Now, click on Manage Account

·        Here, you’ll need a valid email address and your BT account number

·        You can find your BT account number that appears in the top right corner on any bill we have sent

·        Now, enter your email address and then re-enter your email address

·        Click on Continue and you will get your BT ID

Creating BT Mail Account:

·        Visit the home of BT and login to My BT with your BT ID

·        BT Broadband customers will have to choose the broadband link from your package on your homepage

·        Then, click on See broadband extras and finally on BT Email

·        Click on Manage BT Mail and you will be prompted to create new email address link

·        Select the Create new address email link

·        Select your new email address and provide a password for it

·        After that, click on Create Email and you’ll get a confirmation message and your new email address will be associated to your BT ID

Creating BT Account for New Affiliate Account & Existing Account

·        First of all, you need to Log in to My BT by using BT ID

·        BT Broadband customers will have to choose the broadband link from your package on your homepage

·        Now, click on see broadband extras and finally on BT Email

·        Now, click on manage BT Mail and select to provide an email address

·        Later, provide the details of the person you’re creating the new account address for and select an email address

·        After that, click on Continue and you’ll get a confirmation message that has a link. It’ll also be provided to the contact email address you provide for the new user during setup

·        When the new user activates their account and a unique activation link will be available from the family and friends section in the pages of email managements

·        The new user has to set up their own BT ID password if they don’t have one

Step To Activate Your BT Mail Account

To activate your BT Mail account, you have to activate it either you have BT Email address or you have a new one. For the activation, you need to follow the unique link which was given to you by the account holder or in the email which we sent to you to make sure the account had been set up.

For that follow the given steps:

·        First of all, go to My BT homepage

·        Now, click on Manage Account

·        You have to offer your existing BT ID or create one

·        You will be prompted to choose the email address which has been set up for you or any other email address you already own or use. And ultimately it will become your BT ID

·        After that, you will be prompted to give some security information that includes a password your own security validation question or contact information

·        Once you’ve finished the essential information then, click on Continue

·        You’ll receive a confirmation message which BT Email address is not activated

How to login BT Mail:

·        Open the BT Email Homepage

·        Now, you’ll see a Sign in the dialog box

·        Enter your BT ID or email address there

·        Then, enter your password and click in the Sign-in dialog

·        Now, you can access the BT Mail

BT Mail is a web-based application. You can relate it with other services like Calendar and Contacts. It has many unique features that make BT Mail different from others. You can use it with other email accounts so that you can manage all your email from one place. One of the indisputable advantages of BT Mail is that you can create up to 10 additional email addresses for friends and family. It is an excellent email service with an easy and simple account interface.

What is BT Mail Account Manager and Account Holder?

As a BT Email customer, you will be provided one of two ‘roles’ which decide how much control that you’ve over your account. If the personal BT account is in your name and you pay the bills then you are the Account Holder, but if someone pays the bill and provides you access to their account you’re the Account Manager then find about the differences.

If you are the Account Holder, then you will have more control over your account then consisting of setting up email for the other people. It is done from the Manage your email page, where you go to customize all aspects of your account.

Content Source: BT Mail

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