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Materials That Can Be Shot Blasted

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Have you come across the word Shot Blasting, but are you aware of the fact that what materials can and cannot be shot blasted? In this post of mine, we have highlighted what materials can be shot blasted? 

Firstly, let us come to a conclusion what is Shot Blasting?

It is a technique of cleansing primarily used to smoothen the surface materials. This method is often used on large scales in factories, such as on automotive production sectors. The process of Shot Blasting comprises firing several tiny fragments (metal balls) at a material to eradicate or alter the top surface of any material. One of the primary uses is for arranging the surface of metal materials, like steel, for painting and to give it an appealing touch. This technique can also be used for some other materials, whereas on surfaces, it should not be used. 

Metal is one of the most usually shot blasted material as the sturdy surface of several metals, such as iron and steel. This means that this method is adequate to evade, clean, and change the top surface layer of the material for the preferred effect. 

Other than Metal, the most frequented shot blasted material is concrete. This unique method of blasting is mostly used to assist in the clearing of concrete flooring, mostly in big factories and warehouses. The concrete comprises a sturdy, robust, and compact material, and the fierce shots do not destruct the composition of the flooring. Whereas it merely removes the stain surface resultant in a smooth, clean floor.
It is pretty much clear that Shot Blasting or SandBlasting is a useful method for cleaning, but we should also be aware of the fact that it cannot be used for everything. Thus, in the next post of mine, I will present to you about materials that cannot be Shot Blasted.

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