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Why Learn Python Programming Language?

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Hello Everyone, In current trends python graph is growing up. I want to show some point why learn a python programming language?

Python is one of the most popular general purpose programming languages. It is among the world’s fastest growing programming languages and is used by software engineers, mathematicians, data analysts, scientists, network engineers, students, and accountants. The features that make Python such a powerful language are:

  • It is an Interpreted, object-oriented, and a high-level programming language. Python is called an interpreted language as its source code is compiled to bytecode which is then interpreted. CPython usually compiles Python code to bytecode before interpreting it.


  • It supports dynamic typing and Dynamic binding. In languages like Java, C and C++ you cannot initialize a string value to an int variable and in such cases, the program will not compile. Python does not know the type of the variable until the code is executed.


  • Python has an easy syntax which enhances readability and reduces the cost of code maintenance. The code looks elegant and simple.

a = 2
b = 3
sum = a + b

Web Development
As a web developer, you have the option to choose from a wide range of web frameworks while using Python as a server-side programming language. Both Django and Flask are popular among Python programmers. Django is a full-stack web framework for Python to develop complex large web applications, whereas Flask is a lightweight and extensible Python web framework to build simple web applications as it is easy to learn and is more Python-based. It is a good start for beginners.

Machine Learning
As Python is a very accessible language, you have a lot of great libraries on top of it that makes your work easier. A large number of Python libraries which exist, help you to focus on more exciting things than reinventing the wheel. Python is also an excellent wrapper language for working with more efficient C/ C++ implementations of algorithms and CUDA/cuDNN, which is why existing machine learning and deep learning libraries run efficiently in Python. This is also super important for working in the fields of machine learning and AI.

Java and C++
Python is expected to run slower than Java and C++ but the programs are 3 to 5 times shorter and the time taken to develop the application is less. One of the reasons we have already seen above is that Python is a dynamic binding language. Python has a syntax that uses simple functions and variables.

Content Source: https://hackr.io/blog/python-programming-language


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