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How to Fix Eighteen Error Code on iTunes?

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iTunes serves a big amount of purposes in any iOS device, be it iPhone or Mac. The dependability makes the software one among the foremost vital components of the system. So, if you face any error in iTunes, then it can halt your overall performance also . Error code 18 is one among these errors, and so as to repair it, you would like to travel through the blog comprehensively. So, here are the steps to repair this error given below. norton.com/setup 
Restore the Device Settings 
If you'd wish to restore the device settings, then abide by the given steps. 
You should choose all data and settings then select the ‘Delete’ tab. 
Then press the facility key and hold the house key until the Apple logo comes on the screen. this is often the procedure of the hard reset for the devices. 
client to open iTunes and check whether it identifies the device Optionally, you ought to be ready to link the device to a system through a USB cord and open iTunes. 
When iTunes identifies the device, then select the ‘Restore’ application 
Finally, accept the on-screen pop-ups and wait unless iTunes runs a restore to regulate the device for a replacement start. 
Upgrade Latest Version of iTunes 
If you would like to upgrade the newest version of iTunes, then pursue the given instructions. 
Launch iTunes on the iOS and choose the assistance option on the top of the screen. 
You should select ‘Check for Updates’ tab and await a short time . 
When a pop-up says that the newest iTunes version is applicable, then select ‘Download iTunes’ tab. 
If the download is complete, then pursue the on-screen pop-up to put in the most recent iTunes version. 
Finally, attend the Finish tab to finish the procedure and reboot the device.
Sync the Device 
If you'd wish to sync the device, then abide by the given steps. 
You require to open the device and switch it off. 
Then hold the house key to enter the device into the recovery mode. 
Now, initiate the syncing procedure consistent with the steps. 
Upgrade the Firmware 
If you would like to upgrade the firmware, then pursue the given instructions. 
Through a USB cord for connecting the device to a system and launch instrument panel . 
You should choose ‘Devices and Printers’ and choose the device. 
Go to the Settings and find the firmware. 
Navigate to the firmware, and right-click thereon then choose‘Check for updates’. 
Select Install Updates near pending updates choice to install the features on your system. 
Reboot the device to let the modifications become and check out to reset it. Now, you'll no more come throughout the error when it's been fixed already.

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