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Top 10 Blogs to get you started in React Native

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Ever since its inception in 2015 by Facebook, the React Native framework has seen a gradual increase in its adoption by the mobile development community. React Native is a cross-platform mobile development framework that enables you to build apps with rich mobile UI using declarative components on both Android and iOS.

React Native is based on the popular Javascript library — React, also built by Facebook. This means you can make use of Javascript and React’s XML-like language — JSX to develop mobile apps. Getting started with React Native is quite easy as there are a lot of tutorials and articles written on it. Below are some of the best blogs out there to get you started with React Native.

1. Facebook’s React Native Github Blog


Facebook has a blog where it regularly puts up content on React Native. You can find any update regarding the framework here. There are also several articles on the blog about various React Native topics. You can go through the list of articles by the side of the webpage to check them out. Information regarding contributing to the framework is also posted on the blog. You can check out the blog here.

2. React Native Training

React Native Training is a Medium-based platform that publishes articles and tutorials on various React Native topics. The Medium thread is managed by two well-known developers in the React Native community — Mike Gabrowski and Nader Dabit. To stay up to date with their latest articles, you can follow them on Twitter. You can access their medium page here, or you search for React Native Training on Medium.

3. ReactDOM

One of the popular platforms for learning React Native is ReactDOM. ReactDOM is a platform that publishes newsletters about React and React Native. On registering your email, you get access to React and React Native articles and tutorials for free. ReactDOM is managed by Adeeb Rahman. You can also follow the blog’s Twitter handle.

4. React Native Coach

React Native Coach is a Medium-based blog that’s dedicated to providing content on React Native, GraphQL, Redux, and Mobile Design resources. The website is curated by Wyatt McBain, who is a senior mobile developer. It has a team of seven writers who put up content on the blog. You can access their website here.You can also subscribe to their newsletter to be notified of their posts.

5. React Native Radio

If you prefer listening to reading, then this is for you. React Native Radio is a podcast created and hosted by Nader Dabit (sounds familiar?). Every week new content is uploaded on the podcast. There are more than a hundred episodes recorded by Nader with each show featuring different guests who are expert React Native developers from various companies and startups.


You can follow React Native Radio on Twitter to stay up to date with new releases from their platform. Here is a link to their platform.

6. RayWenderlich.com

RayWenderlich.com is a website run by Ray Wenderlich — an iOS developer with hundreds of developers from all over the world. They aim to provide top quality content to help people out with building mobile apps.


The platform has tutorials on Android and iOS development using various technologies. They also have tutorials on developing with the React Native framework. You can access the site by visiting raywenderlich.com. To locate the tutorials, search for React Native on the website. You can also follow Ray Wenderlich on Twitter to stay updated on their latest tutorials or articles.

7. Awesome React Native

Awesome React Native is a platform that curates links to useful React Native tools, libraries, tutorials, and articles. It does not contain the actual articles or tutorials but links its visitors to the websites where they reside. You can visit the website here.

8. Codeburst.io


Just like a couple of the blogs above, Codeburst is also a medium based blog. It focuses on web development tutorials and articles and contains a ton of articles on diverse web development topics. It also has several articles and tutorials on React Native.

These articles are posted from developers around the world willing to help others grow. You can access the React Native articles on Codeburst.io by going here, or by searching for React Native on the Codeburst.io website.

9. React Native Newsletter


This is a curated, and fun-to-read newsletter about anything React Native. Every two months, a free summary of React Native news, articles, issues, pull request, libraries, and apps is published and sent to registered emails. The newsletter is curated by Frank von Hoven a React Native developer at Infinite Red. To register your email, you can visit the website here.

10. React Native Log

React Native Log is also a medium-based blog that puts up content on articles, tutorials, code snippets, and tips & tricks about React Native. They have a team of about 20 writers who put up content for this blog.

One of the writers is someone you have already encountered above — Nader Dabit who hosts a React Native podcasts called React Native Radio and also co-manages React Native Training with Mike Gabrowski. The editor of the blog is Sharath Prabhal. You can visit React Native Log here.

In conclusion…

These are some of the many React Native resources available on the internet. There are several platforms out there that also offer React Native tutorials and articles. There are also books written on the framework which you can purchase to read. Although the blogs mentioned above are for the most part free, some of the ones you would encounter while searching for resources to learn might not be.

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You can also check on YouTube for React Native tutorials. That is one place you are guaranteed to find React Native content. You should make sure to search thoroughly for top quality videos. Udemy is one other platform you would find React Native tutorials both free and paid. You can go through the catalog or type in a search query to locate the one you are most comfortable with. Best of luck in your React Native journey!

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