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make all contents transparent

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It's me again. 1. How do i make all contents transparent, i want to upload my own designed background on the home site and another one on all other pages, but the content (960px (mine is 1000px) and the header have white backgrounds. How do i get them transparent? i uploaded a dark grey background to show you where the problem is. the bg affects only the sites not the content. 2. I want the twitter feed to be extended (not just 960px) how can i do that? i couldn't find a solution via firebug. I found a old thread about it in the forum, but the solution does not work. 3. I really need toggles for my website, platform comes without a shortcode or something like that, so i ended up buying a plugin called "styles with shortcodes" and i'm able to make toggles now, but it works not really well with the theme and they have to much space between each other (the toggles) take a look at my site). I could fix that with firebug but i don't know where i have to put the code in, since it is not working in the stylesheet.css or the custom code section. I produce hip hop beats for sale online at my site is here www.faithbeatz.com

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