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Need to choose a reliable framework (5+ years) for a low budget app. Am I crazy for considering C++ over JS?

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This might be a more complicated question to this subreddit as it's not a coding question, but a development strategy.

I'm an experienced developer for about 15 years, but have been out of the loop for about 3 (which I know is a long time.)

I have a client who has a small business that needs a software solution (UI intensive, this is important), but his profit margins are razor thin, and therefore any investment in development needs to be very justified. I wrote the current version of the app about 5 years ago, when ExtJS (Touch) was the big hype for cross-platform touch screen development. 5 years later, the framework is now obsolete and bugs are slowly creeping up (Chrome already rolled out two breaking changes by accident, cute story, just search their bugs for Sencha Touch to see my bug filings.)

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