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With the rise of the internet and use computers from time to time, the risk of online threats and malware in devices is increasing as well. Those who are tech-savvy know how to protect the devices, but the ones who are not much aware of these threats fall in the trap. The malicious software and viruses can damage your whole PC or Smartphone if you don't have an ideal antivirus. Hence, it is better to have an antivirus than regretting the damage of your device later. One of the best antiviruses available in the market is McAfee. It has won the trust of millions of people with best in class security programs and antivirus all around the globe and welcoming more people to connect with McAfee through the software. If you are interested in getting McAfee for your computer, get the setup from  mcafee.com/activate.


If you're new to McAfee and don't know how to download, install and activate your McAfee visit mcafee.com/activate, the following step-by-step guide may help you. In this guide below, we'll be discussing how to activate McAfee using the activation code printed on McAfee Retail Card.

Before starting, we recommend to check your computer and see if it meets the minimum system requirement to successfully install the McAfee antivirus on your PC. Maybe you can also find those details on your retail card itself or you can search it online. Here's what your PC needs to the successful installation of McAfee product

You can get the latest version mcafee.com/activate.

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