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how to migrate from DMS to Platform 5

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3D Accuracy

Need a little assistance please.

I created my WordPress website using DMS and I'm considering moving to Platform 5. In my website I'm using images with embedded links for page navigation instead of a navigation bar and I'm concerned that making the change to Platform 5 might delete images and the links as it might not recognize the older "quickslider" component I'm using for the images. This would basically render my website useless and require a major rebuild. Here's my site which will show you how it works: www.3DAccuracy.com 

I'm hoping that making the switch will be as simple as deactivating the DMS Professional Tools plugin in WordPress and activating the PageLines Platform 5 plugin.

Can anyone tell me if this will work or if I need to do something else so I don't lose all past work I've done to create my site.

Have a terrific weekend!
3D Accuracy LLC

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Morning @3D Accuracy I would suggest you build another builder. Platform 5 is not being developed any more. 

My suggestion would be to go with Elementor https://bit.ly/2MMSadc of course you will have to rebuild but in the long run it will be worth it.



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